Impact of Covid-19 / Coronavirus on fashion industry

Casualimagedesigns & COVID-19:

An Update for You

Like all of you, our team is comprised of people who are just trying to manage a new standard. Here is what we are doing to reduce the spread of corona virus, while working hard to continue providing our clients, suppliers, and employees with the best service. Take a moment to learn about it.

Our Customers—Shipping and Returns

The rapid spread of the novel Covid-19 coronavirus is causing widespread global economic and social disruption. The pandemic sends shock waves through all aspects of the fashion industry from production chains to front rows at fashion week.

Online shopping continues to rise dramatically with COVID-19 spreading. As of now, we find our fulfillment teams to be vital to business, and they continue to work hard to ensure that your order arrives on schedule; however, we ask you to understand if your order is slightly delayed. For the health of our workers and yours, we take special care in our distribution centers with additional cleaning and hygiene. Remember that if you go past the normal 30-day Returns Period, you will call or talk in to our customer service.

Our staff and vendors-Call Center Data and More

With you, we are pivoting everyday to keep up with the changing world, and with an eye to the safety and wellbeing of our workers and our society. These shifts allow us to better follow social distance policy and encourage us to do what we can to protect our staff, our local communities, and the city and surrounding regions. Our Customer Service Hours have also changed to adjust to the current situations and as such, you can expect a longer waiting period, but we would like to thank you for your patience and look forward to helping with all your needs.

With care and love Casualimagedesigns,

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