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With July Fourth weekend just around the corner, we can't wait to celebrate on the beach, watch fireworks and shop some of the season's best deals. Everything we love about Independence Day shopping is getting our hands on much-desired goods at a fraction of the price

Although President's Day gets all the attention on big ticket products such as mattresses and Memorial Day has positioned itself as an occasion for home shopping, Independence Day is a little more dispersed, meaning you can get great offers across loads of categories.

We know you 're busy getting back to those tan lines so there's the best Fourth of July fashion sales to shop this year without any further ado.

That means digging up the best deals on fashion, beauty, and everything in between, so you can get your shopping done early and concentrate on recreating the happy moment with your family.

If this year you want to wear something a bit more subtle then don't look any further. Here's a big cool girl vibes outfit that won't look out of place at a bbq or just out and about in the area.

Celebrate America's birthday in the most trendy fashion – with an off-the-shoulder top (Ankara the season's hottest silhouette). And strike bold for the maximalist with a printed dress in red, white , and blue. Commit to matching accessories for the color scheme .

You can still declare your love for America without have to resort to red, white, and blue. Go for a monochrome color palette, but let your spirit shine through with a starry print.

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