Hematite is the semi-precious stone of the season, with its beautiful dark tones that give our luxury jewelry a slight glimmer.

Hematite is known for its many incredible qualities which make this mystical stone the perfect accessory for any occasion. It encourages concentration and attention, strengthens your memory and original thoughts, helps to remove stress, and improves willpower and trust.

Magnetic Hematite Jewellery

All crystal jewelry gives you stones benefit, but magnetic hematite jewelry is a particularly good choice for pain relief and health issues. Thanks to the magnetic field which surrounds the stones, magnetic hematite is believed to have a powerful healing and pain relieving effect. It is assumed that the magnetic flux decreases inflammation and activates the normal mechanisms of healing the body.

1. Ankara Necklaces

Not only does our beautiful selection of hematite jewellery give you fabulous jewellery to wear with any outfit, it can also help relieve anxiety and insomnia while boosting your self-esteem and self-confidence. You'll look amazing with our collection of hematite bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings!

2. Ankara Bracelet

A bracelet is one of the most inexpensive and comfortable ways to wear magnetic hematite. You can wear your magnetic hematite bracelet on the side of the body in need or healing and they come in stylish designs to choose from. No-one with a pacemaker or pregnant women would wear magnetic hematite.

3. Ankara Earrings

There are many variations in handmade Ankara earrings because each designer adds some new and unique details to the common recipe.

The earrings' nature is truly amazing: they come in various colors / forms, designs, and sizes. The new earrings designer models will certainly help you break down the bland colors of daily use. They are often made of different materials: rings, beads, chains, etc., complementing your local, corporate or casual look with success.

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