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Update your wardrobe with fresh Ankara floral attire


Spring makes everything spring-up, this spring we’d best think to invoke the refreshing season of bold prints and vibrant colours. As seeds sprout, and flowers bloom, rep your roots in our inspired African prints made especially for you. Blossom as you rock your best culturally confident self in the high-waist pants and the women's skirts. Show a little more skin.

As the weather gets better, there are a growing number of people who start losing layers. Spring fashion takes advantage of that, with bare shoulders, shorts and tops, and open back or v-necks. These outfits will make you look better this season.

BOLD PRINTS boubou is here!

This is the season of faith in light. If you’d love wearing bright and bold colors, you'll fully embrace the designs set to land for life to spring-bloom. Spring collection features bold and colorful designs, guaranteed to spice up your wardrobe with pieces that are culturally positive.

It may seem like a challenge to match the patterns featured with existing items in your wardrobe, but we've protected you. Our pieces are made to match your contemporary style, influenced by traditional African attire.

Fashion is instant language

What you're wearing is how you present yourself to the world, particularly now, when human contact is so strong. Know that over spring floral patterns are always in style. People love to see more flowers as the flowers come out. Big floral dresses, tops, and even pants come this March, it all about the style, no matter where you live.

Pink is a girly color and the subtle pink is much of a trend these days and an alluring mix of pink floral print is nothing but a dream come true for fashion lovers out there. So this summer a dress such as this is a must-buy.

Floral wrap dress that perfect for spring!

For just about every event, a wrap dress can be worn, even formal ones. If we look at how the wrap dress is made, it's pretty easy to see why it's so popular.

The tie waist emphasizes a traditionally feminine look while the flexible V neckline allows you full control of the cleavage. So, whether you're tall or short, big-boobed or small-boobed, you can easily find a wrap dress that feels good.

What's Trending - Off Shoulder

In reality, some fashion trends never get out of style. The floral pattern print is the new style statements that remain timeless. So, if you're hoping to make this girly girl look like this Spring, you certainly have to add some florals to your wardrobe. Floral is one of those features of fashion that can make any woman feel feminine swiftly.

This dress is incredibly comfortable to wear for any outing. It is wholly on you how you want to style-as everyone has different ideas in their minds. It is great for a look that is simple and classy-now get one for yourself.

An exciting Pre-order release to our loved customers

Here we are in March, this month is all about showing and expressing love to your love ones. We'd like to join you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you this year. We are happy to open up our new Spring Season collection. Sign-up today and don’t miss-out to buy the amazing Ankara set, Just 25 of them available now.

Releasing this on March 19th 2020

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