Women Ankara Attire & Shoes

Women Ankara Attire & Shoes

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  • Women Ankara Attire & Shoes
  • Women Ankara Attire & Shoes
  • Women Ankara Attire & Shoes
  • Women Ankara Attire & Shoes
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  1. One Women Floral Ruffle Dress.
  2. One  Unisex Sneakers Shoe.
  3. One Bellies Shoe.

Mwenendo combo is back for this season

Winter - the most awaited season of the year is getting to a close and fashion is evolving considerably and there's just so much to choose from. Just because it's the end of winter doesn't mean that you’re supposed to put ten layers on your body–unless you want the Ankara dress to come out, the Ankara shoes, and of course the trendy --hematite necklace so loved by everyone.

However, there are only so many style icons that you can follow by creating your own fashion statement before you make the conscious decision to gain an upper hand over your own style. Of course, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't have a role model, but that playing with what you might experience is always best for you.

It’s All about Contrasting This Season

Although many African American women wouldn't dare to wear contrasting colors, this season and this year are all about that life. It can definitely help you stand out even in the most overcrowded areas by combining contrasting colors with something chic, such as an Ankara Floral ruffle.

There are countless combinations that can be made just to enhance even the simplest outfits. Just because of its winter you do not need to stick to neutral shades. The contrasting shades are actually more popular than ever!

Keep It Casual

Just because its winters don't mean you're supposed to put ten layers on your body–unless of course, you want to. Hold it casual with lightweight Ankara and matching sneakers & Bellies this season.

Our lightweight stylish African fabric stretch is ideal for skin of any type! The streamlined silhouettes are specially designed for our fashion queens. They're not just going to make you feel comfortable; rather make you stand out among all your girls too!

Layer It Up

No matter what, accessories can never get you wrong. Adding accessories to complete your wardrobe certainly makes you feel accomplished, especially if you choose the right shades that promote warmth in the cold, cold winter months.

Pair your look with some cool shades and a nice necklace to make sure nothing is lacking this winter. Experience the finest versatility this season in one of our African printed textiles!

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